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New technology SYMCAD™ ST

The 3D scanning technology SYMCAD™ ST is perfectly suited for human body measurement because of its unique characteristics:
  • Non-contact 3D capture time by Digital projection of structured white light,
  • Automatic and quick self calibration without any intervention of the operator
    (calibration time is less than 10 seconds in total),
  • Not affected by intrinsic body sway movements because of a 3D acquisition in record time (less than 2.5 seconds),
  • Not affected by skin color,
  • Very low sensitivity to underwear color,
  • Automatic detection of anatomical landmarks,
  • Automatic extraction of more than 160 body measurements (compliant with ISO-8559 and ISO-7250 standards),
  • Body shape analysis and automatic posture classification,
  • Stationary device (no moving parts) for better consistency, easy and low-cost

Download a video
of a 3D acquisition

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